Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reunion - Prologue


About 15 years later..

Today, 26th. December, 2009

This building was formerly a piece of land containing a few residential houses for the Kemaman District officers. One of our friends used to live here- Zahrin Zahid and yes, some of us loved to visit him, not to see him but to play the expensive-Nintendo-game-set. He had a few awesome games and a beautiful ‘adik’ too.. [-admit it]. This is also the main road to the houses of Hamka Hassan, Hisyam Malek and Ghazali Said. -And Mazlinda’s house too. Jalan Dato’. When the town’s name was spelled as Chukai and Terengganu as TRENGGANU. [-and I still hate that change really..]

-And that was 30 years back..

Today, we are re-uniting again in this piece of land, but now in the hall called Dewan Berlian Utama attending a double-event: My Wedding and ‘Da Re-union’. Now you are back in the town of Chukai, a place that is so familiar, so close to us. A place that had given half of our lives ‘bitter-sweet’ memories. A place that we ever called HOME.

Now we are together again. To your eyes you probably see a bunch of strangers in front of you, but they are probably partner or families of our friends. We were friends once, and we still are so they are also welcome.

Mohd Fauzi Ahmad

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