Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Re-union - Prologue


The first re-union was held somewhere in mid 90’s- [ it is a sign of you getting older when you just cannot remember the date – I guess]

It happened all of a sudden during the Hari Raya Visit. The meeting place was – at the resident of Norsiah Mohd Nor. The then committees were Norida, Zafarol, M Huda Kassim, Norsiah and was Lead by me. There were a lot of smoke coming out from the three of us–‘Da Guyz’ as a result of the heavy discussion. Polluting the air at Norsiah’s house and contaminating the kuih raya. [as well as emptying the kuih raya containers hehe..] in addition to the cigarette butts that we decorated Norsiah’s floor with abstract theme. In approximately 3 days, we managed to group around 50 people including 3 or so of our Tiong Hua Amoi-friends [thanks to Chan Ley Key Dozy or is it Woo Chen Zhen??]

Since most of us at that particular time were still a ‘Graduan In Process’ plus ‘School drop-out’ plus ‘ding-dong-oh-we-still-alive’ -we decided to collect RM10 each for the ‘Tabung Makan-Makan’

Then we all enjoyed the 2 Barrels of KFC, home-made ‘mee-halus-goreng’ and keropok keping cooked by Azlan’s mom (Now Dr. Azlan), urgent-ordered-Satay, few pack of ground nuts and few bottles of Coke and Hey! A-pile-of-rubbish we left at Pantai Marina.

There were a lot of ‘hahaha’ and ‘hehehe’ here and there. Then the ‘click-clack’ sound of an old fashion analog camera. Well, the pictures proved that everybody was smiling. A few days later I was screwed by few of our Apek-friends for not informing and inviting them.

God knows we did enjoy that little re-union. The FACT is -we missed that moment too.. [Indeed I really missed that moment very much-]

Mohd Fauzi Ahmad


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    1. Boleh kita organize same gathering in near feature.

      Bagus we start make a planning.


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