Monday, May 3, 2010

Da Reunion 2009 - Intro

In the name of God, The Most Merciful and Praised be Upon Muhammad s.a.w – His Messenger

First and foremost, Thanks God for His Willingness to make this event happening, right here and right now in this hall of Dewan Berlian Utama, Bangunan MPK Kemaman.

We are hoping that this re-union will be blessed by Him, successful in the end, hence becoming the most memorable one which will keep us smiling in the distance future and warming our hearts when we come to think of it.

Actually the idea of calling for this Part II Re-Union started as early as new millennia -year 2000 but it was never materialized due to the ‘life is just beginning’ for many of us. So be it.

Then, in April 2009, the idea came back into the picture when I was engaged to be married. The ‘Wake-Up Call’ was made after the venue was chosen. Since I am going to invite our friends to My Wedding then why not organize the re-union party as well? It is like killing two birds with a stone.

So it took exactly 3 continuous hectic months to plan, co-ordinate, arrange and execute this re-union. No doubt, it took a lot of courage which involved time, energy, commitment and of course – money just to make this event a reality. Indeed it is really draining my pocket!! But it is a CHALLENGE. In the end, it is self-satisfaction that matters and surely a joy to all the temporary committees and definitely–myself, to see our long lost friends and all of us, attending my wedding and gathering in this imperfect, low-budget-part 2-reunion-party.

I wish and I do hope that this effort will not end here. Let us pray that this will just be the beginning. We started this about 19 years ago. Now, I believe that we are capable of not just attending the Re-Union but to be TRULY UNITED.

To all temporary committees, thank you for voluntarily contributing your restless-unforgettable –free of charge-efforts for this historical event, thanks to some of you who have made the effort to locate some of our long lost friends. Last but not least THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for sparing your time supporting this program and choosing to come here.

SO NOW, We gave you an almost complete task, an almost finished product, to all of you to decide how we are going to complete and finish THE STORY.. [Unless if we choose to give the most classic excuse..]

..And that is the CHALLENGE!!

Mohd Fauzi Ahmad

25 Dec 2009

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